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Pride Quantum Q6 edge 2.0 power wheelchair is available in twelve bright color options Back in Black, Electric Blue, Deep Purple, White Satin, Lime Light, Midnight Blue, Orange Crush, Pretty in Pink, Red Corvette, Silver Bullet, Yellow Blaze, Grey Street. Q6 edge 2.0 power wheelchair accept a wide range of seating and electronics options which deliver exceptional rehab capability at an excellent value. Q6 edge 2.0 is engineered to meet the performance needs of the most users and is available with iLevel technology.

iLevel technology: iLevel’s advanced functionality and stability strengthens independence and quality of life. iLevel improves access to one’s environment and enhances social interaction by allowing operation of the power chair with the seat elevated up to 10”. Quantum iLevel elevating seat technology is unique in that it’s user-inspired, where not only does it elevate, but it stabilizes the power chair for safe operation at walking speed. For users, this means being able to grocery shop while elevated; this means navigating crowds at eye level; this means accessing high-top tables in restaurants; and, this means strolling the walking path with your partner, arm-in-arm. Of course, simply being able to adjust the seat height, with added stability, makes transfers safer.

Features & Benefits

Precise control
Bold new aesthetics
Responsive handling
12 new color options
Advanced performance
Weight capacity – 300 lbs.
6 mph high-speed motors standard
iLevel is retrofittable on the Q6 Edge 2.0

*Pride® FDA Class II Medical Devices are designed to aid individuals with mobility impairments

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Warranty provided by the manufacturer:
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty: Main frame
  • 2 Year Warranty: Electronics (Dependent upon model)
  • 183 Months Warranty: Drive motors.
6 Months Warranty: Batteries are covered by a separate Six Months Warranty, provided by the Battery Manufacturer.Warranty Exclusions: ABS plastic shrouds, Motor brushes, Upholstery and seating, Brake pads, Tires and tubes, Fuses/bulbs. For Clients outside our service area: Please note that labor cost of repairs under warranty is not covered, unless specifically covered under individual manufacturer warranty plans. The manufacturer will not warrant parts damaged by improper installation and/or repairs/modifications made to any part without specific consent from the manufacturer. The manufacturer does not warrant parts damaged by contamination, abuse, misuse, accident, negligence, battery fluid spillage or leakage, commercial use, use other than normal, improper operation, maintenance, storage. Please call us for specific details.