was designed in collaboration with physicians, for physicians and practitioners, to provide an easy and accurate solution for producing the documentation required by Medicare for durable medical equipment. asks the practitioner appropriate questions regarding the patient. The algorithmic program compares the physician's answers to the Medicare coverage criteria. The program determines what durable medical equipment, if any, the patient qualifies for, completely eliminating the guess work for the physician and the DME company. then generates the appropriate documentation that Medicare requires to justify the equipment.

Why do you, the physician, need

In order for your patients to receive the durable medical equipment that they need from Medicare, you must perform a face-to-face evaluation with them to accurately determine medical justification and document it in an acceptable narrative format.  With constant changes to Medicare requirements and extremely busy schedules, it is very difficult to keep up with current standards. is frequently updated to reflect the most current Medicare coverage criteria, eliminating any guesswork.

What is is a HIPAA compliant, FREE online documentation collection tool that you can use during patient face-to-face evaluations.

What does do?  

The program asks you all relevant questions related to the patient and their DME needs and generates complete, accurate and acceptable paperwork documenting the medical necessity.

How does it work?

The documentation collection tool incorporates all required data points for the chosen type of DME into the questionnaire and ensures nothing can be overlooked. It is the only program available that is built with algorithms that analyze the information you provide, and lets you know if the patient meets medical justification based on the answers.

Why should you use

1) It generates correct and complete DME paperwork that is acceptable to Medicare.

2) It saves on labor costs; your staff no longer has to spend time with DME providers while they work with Medicare to resolve paperwork issues.  

3) It tells you what DME equipment, if any, the patient qualifies for, eliminating any guesswork.    

4) It produces documentation that is compatible with all Electronic Medical Records and is printable.

5) It’s easy to learn, easy to use and quickly assures that all pertinent questions required by Medicare have been addressed.  


Download the physician referral form here