We rented a wheelchair for my mother when we were on vacation in Navarre. I want to thank Chris, who delivered the wheelchair and spent so much time with my mother adjusting it to fit her. The customer service was wonderful and the wheelchair was like new! Thank you again for going above and beyond!

- Elizabeth Cooper-Golden

I love this company, the first time I called them Kelly answered the phone. She was so nice and sweet, I felt like I had known her my whole life and the owners son had shown up to make sure I received the right chair for me, he was so nice! Tony delivered my chair, he was also so nice, he adjusted my chair to fit me and showed me how to use it. I have been so blown away with this company that I feel like calling them from time to time just to say hi. I love that kind of service you feel like you're a part of. They are on my Christmas list!

- William B. Kist

The man helping me was great in going over the instructions with me and helping me adjust the chair to fit me! The staff overall was very courteous and knowledgeable. The delivery was prompt which helped me tremendously.

- Thomas Courter

You guys are awesome!!!!!!

- Kathie Woods

I am SO glad to finally get a wheelchair after needing one for such a long time of needing one. Thank you guys, you truly do a great job!

- Craig Refour