Lift chairs are a great tool for seniors who are having trouble getting on and off the couch. By using an electric motor, they can give the elderly a little assistive boost to help prevent falls or other injuries.

However, picking out a lift chair can be a big decision for seniors. Because it’s a large investment, they want a chair that is comfortable but also meets their needs. With a variety of options available, it might seem like narrowing it down is impossible. Here are a few things to consider that might make the decision easier for you and your loved one.

Number of Positions

Not all lift chairs have the same number of positions. Some have two, some have three, and some have an infinite amount. In chairs with the latter, there are actually two separate motors – one to control the headrest and one to control the footrest. This allows a person to have the most flexibility in how they relax, as you can lay flat, sit upright, recline with your feet back, or any other posture you can imagine.

With a two-position chair, you’ll be limited to reclining only 45 degrees, while a three position chair lets you go to a full recline.

Lift Chair Size

Just as people come in all different sizes, so do lift chairs. Taller seniors may find that their lower back isn’t getting the support it needs, while shorter seniors may find that their feet don’t even touch the floor when sitting back. To ensure your senior gets the perfect fit, take measurements of their height and weight and then compare them to different models. If possible, even have your loved one try sitting in a few chairs first before making a purchase.

Type of Material

Obviously, you want the chair to be constructed of a comfortable and soft fabric. However, for seniors that have problems with incontinence, cloth fabrics may not be the best choice. Instead, choose an easy-to-clean leather. While this material might cost more, it does help the chair look more regal and sophisticated.

If your senior doesn’t struggle with incontinence and resides in hot and sticky Florida, you may be concerned with sweat. In these cases, cloth materials do work best.

Size of Room

While lift chairs might look compact when it’s in the seated position, they can actually take up a lot of room when reclined. In fact, most standard models work by sliding out and backward, meaning they have to be placed in the middle of a room or they’ll crash into walls or other furniture.

Therefore, it’s important to know the measurements of the room you’ll be placing the chair in. If the fully-expanded chair won’t fit in your senior’s space, you might want to opt in for a special model that can safely sit against a wall without bumping into it while reclining.

Lift and Frame

All lift chairs provide a lifting function. However, not all lift chairs provide this function in the same way. Some chairs don’t lift a person up high enough for them to stand with ease, which could especially be a problem for seniors with greater disabilities. Even worse, some lift chairs are shaky, which could be frightening or even cause bruising. This might be because the frame isn’t solid enough.

To avoid this, choose a chair that has a smooth and solid lifting feature that makes it easy to stand. Also, make sure the frame is sturdy enough to avoid scary wobbling.

Advanced Features

Some older adults have no appreciation for technology. In fact, even getting a lift chair might be a huge step up for them.

However, others might love a little-upgraded fun with their chair. There are a number of advanced features available in chairs if you’re willing to splurge a little bit. These can include heated or vibrating seats, cup holders, speed variations, and more. While they might seem overly glamorous, these features can help to soothe age-related aches and pains, which in turn could help seniors reduce their falls risk and get around easier than before.

All in all, this can be a lot to consider. If you need help narrowing down your lift chair options, simply reach out to us. At Comfort N Mobility, we are experts at helping seniors find the chair that works best for them and their budget. Just give us a call at 850.934.5217 to start learning more today.
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